Admiralty Secondary School had its beginnings in 2002 when it shared premises with Evergreen Secondary School. Under the pioneer Principal, Mrs Lim Ai Poo, the school moved to its present location at 31, Woodlands Crescent in December 2002. The school welcomed its second Principal, Mdm Jessie Koh, in December 2007.



The school today sits on 2.4 ha plot of land with facilities that provide our students with a spacious, modern, well-maintained and conducive learning environment. There are 7 blocks to the school building. These physical resources include the

  • Teaching and Learning Blocks with 36 classrooms,
  • Special Rooms comprising a Heritage room, 6 Science Laboratories, 2 D&T Studios, 2 Food Laboratories, 4 Information Technology (IT) Laboratories, 2 IT Resource rooms, a Media Resource Library, an AVA Room and 2 Art Rooms.


Admiralty Secondary School has garnered numerous accolades in its short history. In 2006, the school was awarded the Niche status for Robotics Enterprise (RE) and was awarded the Direct School Admission (DSA) status, which allows the school to admit 5% of the secondary one cohort through direct admission. A framework for RE has been implemented and our RE Club continues to be a formidable challenge at competitions.


The school has attained awards in the following areas:

  • Green Audit Award (Sustained Achievement Award)
  • People Developer Standard
  • Sustained Achievement Award (Aesthetics) 2010, 2012
  • Sustained Achievement Award (Uniformed Groups) 2009-2012
  • Academic Value-Added for Express Academic Course: Silver (2009)
  • Academic Value-Added for Normal Academic Course: Bronze (2010)
  • HPB-MOE CHERISH Award: Silver (2010-2011)
  • Sustained Achievement Award (Recycling Outreach Programme)
  • Healthy Eating in Schools Award (2010-2012)
  • 3R (Recycle) Silver Award 2012



The above and numerous other awards would not have been possible without our team of dedicated staff, and our supportive stakeholders and partners. Together, we will continue our efforts to bring out the best in each child so that each will be


"A Guiding LIGHT that Shines."



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No Time For Your Child? Think Again

In today’s society, parents are faced with the ever-increasing need to work longer hours to provide food and income for the family. You may sometimes find yourself having the time to communicate with your child only during the weekends. Read more…


School Family Education (SFE) events in 2014

School Family Education is a programme which adopts a holistic family learning model – equipping parents with effective parenting skills and training them to be parent facilitators, helping school staff to enhance their family life, and providing students with life skills training. Read more…


 Singapore Youth Festival 2014 Art Exhibition
Our students have done our school proud by having their artwork displayed for the 2014 SYF Art Exhibition at Lasalle College of the Arts.Read more



Participation in Mendaki Award Presentation 2013

Our teacher Mdm Noor Hasnah Adam, previous Mendaki awardee of 'Goh Chok Tong Youth Distinction 2008', together with our students, was invited to perform at this year Mendaki Award presentation by CEO Mendaki, Mdm Moliah Hashim and Minister Yaacob Ibrahim. Read more…


Outstanding performance of our school alumnus

Our school alumnus have done exceptionally well amongst their peers and graduated in the top 10% of their cohort at Republic Polytechnic’s Graduation Ceremony 2013. Read more…


All Singapore Normal Course Maths Competition 2013

Here's some good news from the maths department! A few weeks ago, several of our students participated in the all singapore normal course competition, a national event held by Ace learning and Clementi Town Secondary School and they have done pretty well! Our students have awards in almost every category. KUDOS to them! Read more…


Olympic Day Run 2013

As part of the worldwide celebrations of the Olympic Day, our students participated in the Olympic Day Run 2013, organised by the Singapore National Olympic Council. The students ran their hearts out during the 2.7km Olympic Day Run. Read more…


ADSSians on Okto Channel (The Badge)

The Badge, is a show from Mediacorp Okto Channel, aims to educate and inspire kids with real life application of science theories while at the same time, create a sense of social awareness in their daily environment. Our school will be broadcasted in first episode! Read more… 


Robocup Singapore Open 2013

Our students from Robotic Enterprise has participated in Robocup Singapore Open this year during 4th to 6th April. We are proud to share that they have grabbed 3 awards from this event! Read more…


ADSS Staff Values-In-Action (VIA) 2013

On 3 May 2013, about 70 of the ADSS staff had spent a very heart-warming and enriching Friday afternoon with the residents from the Woodlands Man Fut Tong Nursing Home and the Sree Narayana Mission Home that was located in Yishun. Read more…


Pantun - Words Go Around (Singapore Writers Festival 2013)
This year National Arts Council has organised the Pantun – Words Go Around competition in conjunction with the Singapore Writers Festival 2013. This competition aims at showing the creativity of the Malay language in the form of pantun which depicts emotions and strong thoughts. Read more...


11th Speech & Prize Presentation Day 2013

The 11th Speech and Prize Presentation day was held on the 12th of April 2013, it was a day to recognize students, teachers and friends of ADSS for their academic excellence & outstanding contributions to the school. More than 100 awards were given to students, teachers and friends of ADSS on the event. Read more…


Sports Carnival 2013

28th of March 2013 was one of the most exciting and celebrated day for Admiralty Secondary School. It is the day where students come together to pitch their skills against the best in the school. It is the day that the school celebrated its Sports Carnival. Read more…


Collaboration with NEA in 2012 

In order to collaborate with NEA, below are various key programmes that Admiralty Secondary has participated in:


  • Environment Champions (EC) Workshop: 13~14 March 2012
  • Youth Environment Day (YED) North Zone Satelite Schools' Event @ Marsiling Secondary: 20 April 2012
  • Greenwave @ Admiralty Secondary: 20 May 2012
  • Greenstar Workshop 5: 31 March and 29~30 May 2012
  • Tetra Pak Recycling @ Admiralty Secondary: February till August 2012
  • Green OuTreaCH Activity – Social-Emotional ‘N’ Saving Environment (GOTCHA! SENSE)’: 5~6 June 2012   
  • Assembly Talk on Environment issues: 16 July 2012
  • Panasonic-NEA Environment Champions: 5 September 2012
  • Clean & Green Carnival 2012:  7~8 November 2012
  • Water TAP (Training, Appreciation, Participation) Workshop in collaboration with N7 Cluster (organised by Woodgrove Sec Sch): 3 Nov 2012 (PUB & NEA)
  • H3ROES INDUCTION CAMP 2012: 19~23 Nov 2012, in collaboration with NEA & Canon Singapore Pte Ltd
Deep appreciation to all staff & students that spend alot effort in these event, especially to Mdm Selvi !
Congratulations in obtaining 3R Silver Award for year 2012!


Poetry Competition during April 2012

Another good news from our ML students!


On 21 April 2012, 9 of our students participated in the 'Derap Puisi' Competition, another poetry theatre competition held at Milennia Institute, 2 of them won the Best Actor[Noor Hilmi Bin Noor Sallahuddin (4E2)] and Best Actress[Nur Fiqa Bte Mohd Nasir (4E1)] Awards. Read more...


Supporting Singapore Citizens


MOE has prepared a brochure on the various schemes that have been put in place to support our Singaporean students.  The brochure also highlights the enhancements and new initiatives that were announced at the MOE Committee of Supply last month. It aims to provide readers with a broad overview of the many schemes that we currently have in place and they can approach the school or MOE if they would like to find out more about specific schemes. 


Click here to view the brochure.